Audacity Files

The podcast formerly known as We Are Not Creative formerly known as HAIM TIME, now officially rebranded as Audacity Files! Listen, rebranding is the hip thing nowadays. You can call it a soft reboot if you like. Come for the entertainment, stay because you've got nothing better to do. There's Dank Comedy, Blunt Drama, and everything in between. Join Nettaly and Sam as they talk about whatever the hell they want. There's Kanye's Korner, sidebars, and riveting guests. Listen for laughs, hot topics, Hot Topic, and epic Battle of the Garagebands. And sometimes offensive statements, quickly followed by half-hearted apologies.
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Audacity Files


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Jan 31, 2016

This jam-packed episode has all sorts of topics and two very special guests. Join Neutrally and Stonewall as they discuss edging, heartbreak, local hit artists, and answer even more fan questions! Plus a special apology from Stonewall. You won't want to miss this, there is so much going on. And it's finally under an hour.

Jan 23, 2016

Welcome back to the most welcoming backiest of the welcome mat! The boys are at it again, talkin' bout sex (always), Los Oscars, and some sort of BuzzFeed Bullshit. Oh, and a fresh new bout of BATTLE OF THE GARAGEBANDS! Plus, they address controversies from previous episodes. No slut shaming here! Only slut whoring.

Jan 17, 2016

The boys are back, and they're talking shop! There's Star Wars jabber, Golden Globs gab, and Stock picture patter. Join the fun. By listening.