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The podcast formerly known as Audacity Files formerly known as We Are Not Creative AKA Wanc Sesh formerly known as HAIM TIME, now officially rebranded as Bo Time! This isn't a rebrand. Think of it as a new season (or series, if you're a Brit) in a long running series. Come for the entertainment, stay because you've got nothing better to do. There's Dank Comedy, Blunt Drama, and everything in between. Join Nettaly and Sam as they talk about whatever the hell they want. Listen for laughs, hot topics, Hot Topic, and epic Battle of the Garagebands. And sometimes offensive statements, quickly followed by half-hearted apologies.
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Sep 9, 2017

They've been gone for quite a few month, but they're finally back! Sam and Nettaly, joined by the host of Much Ado with Scooby Luu, relaunch the show with season 4 of the acclaimed podcast with more FKAs than Prince. Tune in this week as your hosts rank the sauces, talk about Cobra Swift, Game of Thrones, and an installment of Much Ado with Scooby Luu.

Aug 28, 2016

The tyrannic duo are back, and worse than ever as Audacity Files! Join in on the discussion of Sam's virginity, seeing electrons, bodyball and the olympics, and heart attacks being caused by neutrinos? Also, Nettaly teaches Sam the basics of Spanish on ¬°Spanish Time! Plus, a teaser for sheet tips.

Aug 7, 2016

The gang discusses The Life of Pablo, the Blazer's blowout win against the Golden State, a death in the podcast? And Sam's messed up speech. With special guest Jonah DeLira, and another riveting installment of Guestions. Girth is what matters.

Feb 10, 2016

In this installment of WANC Sesh, Nettaly and Sam are joined by the lovely Lucero, a film student with no voice who hates bookshelves! Join the trio as they discuss whether or not birds cry, Legally Blonde 1-3, what constitutes a skyscraper, and what would really happen in a true Democracy. Also, don't miss who the sexiest member of One Direction is, and an experimental Battle of the Garagebands!

Feb 2, 2016

WANC Sesh takes it down a notch after last week's hectic episode. Join Neutrally and Stonewall in discussing Snub Season, the flat earth theory, and plenty of sidebars. It's open sidebar season! Plus, Battle of the GarageBands is taken to a whole. Nother. Level. You Wancers don't want to miss this one. Or any of them, really.

Jan 31, 2016

This jam-packed episode has all sorts of topics and two very special guests. Join Neutrally and Stonewall as they discuss edging, heartbreak, local hit artists, and answer even more fan questions! Plus a special apology from Stonewall. You won't want to miss this, there is so much going on. And it's finally under an hour.

Jan 23, 2016

Welcome back to the most welcoming backiest of the welcome mat! The boys are at it again, talkin' bout sex (always), Los Oscars, and some sort of BuzzFeed Bullshit. Oh, and a fresh new bout of BATTLE OF THE GARAGEBANDS! Plus, they address controversies from previous episodes. No slut shaming here! Only slut whoring.

Jan 17, 2016

The boys are back, and they're talking shop! There's Star Wars jabber, Golden Globs gab, and Stock picture patter. Join the fun. By listening.

Dec 15, 2015

Join Nettaly and Sam as they talk about this(last) week's hot topics, Mark Zuckerberg's kid! And Kanye's kid. The theme of this episode is children, seeing as Sam is an expert on them. Listen to speculation, admiration, and derision on episode seven of We Are Not Creative! Apologies for the delay, we had finals. So get over it.

Nov 30, 2015

We're back, and as good as ever! HAIM TIME, now officially rebranded as We Are Not Creative, or WANC Sesh. Listen to the inaugural episode of this relaunching of the criminally underrated, critically ignored, and motherly loved indie podcast of the ages. In this episode, Nettaly and Sam conclude HAIM TIME with a loving sendoff to the series, as well as a loving launch of the new format. Lovingly, of course. They also mess around with potential new podcast names. Check it out!

Mar 10, 2015

Episode 5 of the critically acclaimed podcast, HAIM TIME, is finally here! After a one week hiatus, Sam and Nettaly are back to once again talk shop. Listen in as they discuss another of Haim's collaborations, the Singles getting a cease and desist from The Singles, another game of guess the twatter, and discussion of the third song off the premiere album of the premiere band, The Wire!

Feb 23, 2015

In episode four of HAIM TIME, Sam and Nettaly talk about the second song off the premiere album of the premiere band, Forever. They also see who is the regining Haim Head for this week, with another installment of Haim Libs. Along with that, they discuss Este's side project with Scarlett Johansson, and much more! Also, it is with a heavy heart that we say, the last fifteen or so minutes are fucked. Sorry about that. That was the song discussion, too.

Feb 16, 2015

It's about that time to talk about Haim. Welcome back to HAIM TIME! In this episode, we've got a very special guest, one who's been talked about often in previous episodes. Join us as we discuss in depth our origin with Haim, and we see who is the reigning Haim Head between Sam and Nettaly.

Feb 2, 2015

Episode 2 of HAIM TIME is here! The premiere song of the premiere album of the premiere band, Falling, is discussed in this episode, with a couple of guest stars. Along with that, Nettaly premieres a song that he himself has, or will, pitch(ed) to HAIM. Tune in to hear the exclusive premiere. There was a technical snaffu, and Nettaly's audio from ~23 minutes to ~34 minutes is a little wonky. Sorry about that!

Jan 25, 2015

Welcome to HAIM TIME, where we talk about the greatest band of all haim, HAIM. Just a few buds discussing Haim, and plenty of other things. There'll be plenty of guests and characters throughout the episodes, even people who know nothing about Haim. That should get interesting.

In the inaugural episode, we talk about us, the band, Alana's legs, and the Oscars! With special guest star Jimmy Simeles.


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